I've been the nervous bride, the acne covered HS senior, the aspiring model (though I ended up not growing any taller), the over tired mother, but now, with those experiences, I'm on the other side of the lens to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience.

Me, in a broken nutshell...

As a child, I grew up in front of the camera, especially when we moved to the tropics of Fiji. I look back to see images that are bright and colorful, with a sense of joy. After moving to Michigan, the cameras began to collect dust and the few images that were captured were of cold and devastation (along with the rare and awkward family portrait when the grandparents came to town).

I returned to the tropics by going to the University of Hawaii for my college years. There, I studied Marine Biology, Communications and Photography. My love of bright colors, joyful smiles and the warmth of the sun was reinvigorated.

Now, as a photographer, my goal is to bring the happiness and color of the tropics into my Senior and Wedding photography. I work closely with all my clients to make sure their experience in front of the camera is a fun and rewarding one. It's not just about the photos, it's about the experience (which of course results in better photos). Very cyclical.

After the adoption of my first very own dog, Hula, I began to do more pet photography. I use my experience with animals to capture the personality and beauty of pets in a low stress environment. Again, if we're having fun, we're getting better photos. I continue to work with local rescues to help improve the quality of life for homeless pets, as well as celebrate the lives of those that are surrounded by loving families.

Office hours are by appointment only and you're more than welcome to bring your furry friend.