Do’s and Don’ts of Prepping for your Portrait

Sometimes we just need a few quick reminders before being professionally photographed. Here's a few that come to mind this week.


Wear clothing that makes sense for your location and the CURRENT weather.

Bring accessories to easily change up your outfit without completely undressing. Examples: scarf/statement necklace, add/remove tie, jacket/sweater, hat

Consider getting hair and makeup done professionally.

Ladies, wear mascara and lipstick. We want to see your eyes pop and your lips to look healthy. If you don't normally wear lipstick, find a neutral color with a bit of pink to help warm you up.

Bring outfit options, knowing that not all will be used. Sometimes the photographer will opt for a different shirt/pants combo on the model.


Don't get your hair drastically changed (cut or colored) less than one week before your session.

Don't wear anything that you haven't tried or doesn't fit properly. Buttons should lay flat without pulling.

Don't choose too many outfits. We want to get the most out of your time, so why waste it in the changing room? (If there is even one available on-location.) Suggested number of outfits: Seniors 2-4, Newborns 2-3, Babies 2-3, Families 1-2

Don't have dirty or chipped nails or nail polish. Ladies, if you don't have time to paint your nails or get a manicure, remove all polish to give a clean look. Also, be sure your polish does not clash with any of you outfit choices. Neutral styles/colors are easiest. Bonus: make sure your toes are painted decently in case you do any shoeless photos.

Don't overthink it. Have fun! Senior photos are part of the graduation experience and should be an enjoyable part.


Do you have any tips for my clients based on your experience? Comment below.
Maybe we'll even discuss them in a future article.



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